Anthem Insider Two new Anthem Screenshots!


Mar 27, 2018
Right outside the wall

Freelancers! Haluk sent us on a mission earlier and we came back with these couple photos to show you the stunning world of Anthem! Special shoutout to @Digital_Ando, Jimmy Bicknell & Ian McCuaig for taking the pics!

The first one shows a beautiful sunset in the lush jungle surrounding Fort Tarsis, with the Ranger javelin looking back into the horizon.

While in the second one we get to see the same bridge that the 2018 Anthem Cinematic Trailer was shown, with the group of Freelancers landing on it, gloriously.

You can see how vast the playable areas are and how much space you'll be able to explore when the game releases on February 22nd 2019!

Bioware is slowly releasing more and more info about the game, so stay tuned for more news and analysis.

Until the next time, fly safe, freelancers.

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Staff member
Mar 26, 2018
The environments are looking pretty fleshed out. Lots of small details, good lighting.

Im curious to see the level of detail they squeeze into this.