This is why in-game photography is important


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Mar 26, 2018
I posted a thread on Anthe reddit about the topic, asking what people thought about it.

Should Anthem devs care about this?


I'll tell you why:

Below we see some examples, Ansel in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Captura in Warframe and Director Mode in Star Citizen, all these are tools that let you capture pretty scenery:

Great right!

Besides making images that I can put up in a post, do you know what else these images did?

They all get plastered all over reddit and other social media, for free which in turn exposed new players to these games!

A large part of a game overall budget goes towards marketing. It is not uncommon to have a marketing budget almost as big as the development budget, so how do you reduce marketing costs and still get the wide exposure you desire?

The picture above is taken by Mr Hasgaha, a Star Citizen backer. His images regularly find their way to the top of most gaming subreddits.

Without paying for marketing, Star Citizen has found a way to market itself around social media by simply giving its fans a way to make amazing in-game pictures!

I would welcome similar tools in Anthem the game, it would allow EA and Bioware to let its own fan base promote itself and continue bringing in new players well after the games initial promotional market phase at launch.

Anthem devs, what do you think?


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Mar 21, 2018
Holy crap those screenshots (especially the last one look amazing)! I know a youtuber/screenshotter by the name of Hasgaha who takes some of the most impressive screenshots/captures in any game I've seen! Here are some of his work:

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