Tarsis Weekly #1 - Anthem news recap - Week of September 16th, 2018


Mar 27, 2018
Right outside the wall

Not much has been revealed recently about Anthem, keeping us biting our nails in suspense! However, a few things have been revealed over the last week, and that’s what were going to be covering today!

In a recent tweet, Scylla Costa (Anthem Producer) stated that many of Anthem's missions have been signed off.
We signed off so many missions today! Super proud to be working with this talented team!
— Scylla Costa (@scyllacosta) September 14, 2018
We can safely deduce from this that Anthem's production is going at a steady rate, milestones are continuously met and that the game will be finished by its official release date, February 22nd 2019.

PC requirements/specifications have still not been released yet. One of the fans messaged a query to Mark Darrah about it, and he responded with
We don’t know yet https://t.co/Jn5pV9p6pl
— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) September 15, 2018

To a question about future content updates (story/dlc) and the potential of months or more content droughts, Mark replied with
We plan content a lot more frequently then that. More details later https://t.co/oJTpttpb5c
— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) September 9, 2018

This one in particular is one of the few times we actually saw someone from Bioware reply to a question regarding content. Maybe we'll hear more about it from them soon?

Some Interceptor teaser news have emerged, although its not a lot, but every bit counts!
A question was jokingly posed asking Ben Irving (Anthem Producer) whether the Interceptor Javelin would be able to perform Damage Over Time (DOT) abilities! Ben's reply was -in classic Bioware fashion- cryptic and promising at the same time!
— Ben Irving (@BenIrvo) September 14, 2018

Another tweet from Mark Darrah, but this one regarding match making. A question was posed asking whether selective matchmaking was possible, for example if you are playing as a storm and want to play with a colossus, because you need a tank.
Not planned. We don't want too exclusionary of options.
We will try to balance parties. https://t.co/VPzcJJGSpH
— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) September 14, 2018

Mark was also faced with the question of whether the difficulty system in Anthem will be anything like Diablo 3. Where once you reach the hardest difficulty it escalates in tiers. Ex: easy - normal - hard - expert - expert 2 - expert 3, and so on. To our pleasant surprise, Mark replied
yes https://t.co/OEup8imC3p
— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) September 12, 2018

Lastly, we received confirmation of something that was up in the air for many months -as Brenon Holmes had pointed out on reddit-, that the Colossus has some form of aggro control. Enemies will prefer to attack a Colossus over other javelins, Brenon said. But he didn't know for sure if that mechanic was still in the game. Mark Darrah expanded on that by saying
The Collossus has some explicit aggro control available. But anyone can tank in theory https://t.co/gR9jN1LHA8
— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) September 14, 2018

This concludes the recap of all the major Anthem news that came in form of tweets over the week of September 16th, 2018.

Thank you all for checking in on the Tarsis Weekly! Good luck out there Freelancers.

Triumph as ONE!

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