New Categories, Topic Prefixes and Custom Profile Fields!


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Dec 7, 2018
Fort Tarsis
Greetings Freelancers! We have some big news to share! We've added more features to the site! To start off, we have added more categories and forums for a much more open discussion environment.

Secondly, we've added topic prefixes. Topic prefixes are tags that you can add before posting a topic so that viewers may know what the topic may be about. All usable prefixes are as follows: [PC], [PS4] and [XB1]. The prefixes are also color coordinated, meaning PC is Yellow, PS4 is Blue and Xbox One is Green.

For example, if I wanted to post in the Anthem [PC] board and add a prefix to it "[PC]" I may now do so! We think this small little feature will help improve quality on the forums.



And last but not least, we've added custom profile fields. This is a small little feature to get our users more engaged and immersed with the experience of using our forums! What we have added is the ability to select which platform you primarily play on, and your Javelin Class. In the example below, you can see my primary platform is PC and my Javelin Class is the Ranger. To access the custom profile fields, click on your avatar located in the top right, then click "Account Details", scroll down and select the platform and Javelin class you wish to set then hit "Save"



Happy Gaming!

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