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Level Gating in Anthem

What's going on all of you fantastic Freelancers?
Today I wanted to go over something that is becoming a trend for Anthem and it seems this system will be present in most if not all areas of the game. That system being level gating. For those of you who don't know what level gating is, it is essentially where a game locks certain things behind levels. It is a common feature in games today and especially online games with progression systems.

We first started seeing the level gating with the number of Javelin weapons you can wield at once being indicative of your Freelancer's level. (i.e. You will only be able to use one weapon at the start of the game but once your Pilot/Freelancer reaches level 2, you will be able to use your second weapon slot.) However, this is a rather minor level gate. I'm sure the development team intends to implement a similar level gating system behind the number of gear slots you can use as well as the potential for your ultimate gear slot ability to be locked behind one as well. However, this is just speculation.

Though what has been confirmed to be level gated are the other three Javelins in the game. When you first start playing Anthem, your default suit will be the Ranger but you will have the opportunity to unlock the other three later. A few weeks ago you would unlock them via missions as you would progress through Anthem's story. These missions would be unique to the Javelin you desired and you could select which one you would want to embark on. After you would complete the mission of your choice you would have to progress through the story a bit more before you could do another.

Mark Darrah, one of Anthem's producers, said this in a tweet in regards to how unlocking Javelins will work in Anthem: "We originally were going to have Javelins tied to missions but this resulted in them getting unlocked too late. As a result, you will instead be able to choose a suit to unlock at different level thresholds."

This has led to a bit of a divide in the Anthem community, especially with how the level gating method of unlocking will hold up against the former method of mission unlocks. The main gripe has been in regards to how it will hold up in a story setting. One possible avenue the level gating system could go down is once you hit, say level 5, you get to choose which Javelin mission you want to go on and claim your new suit. Aside from that, and what many have started to fear, once you hit levels 5, 10, and 15 you go back to Fort Tarsis and they just give you the new suit.

What do you all think about this change? Interested and want to hear about it in greater detail? Above you can check out the video I did on this topic and level gating as a whole in Anthem!

As ever I look forward to what you all think about this change and hope to see you all soon in the next post/video!

-William, Your Anthem Host

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