Great post - 3 Reasons to be Super Excited for Anthem


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Mar 26, 2018
3 Reasons to be Super Excited for Anthem
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I don't know about all of you, but I get super excited when I see new information about Anthem and honestly I want to be excited - i'm looking for a next generation game which offers new adventures and pushes the boundary of what we can expect as gamers in a world of game developers.
UNFORTUNATELY the second that you look in the comments for any game, including Anthem, it's chocked so full of people which have only one goal - to tear it down. This may include picking on the publisher, the fact that it is like <insert game here> or that it simply won't be good, and honestly - pre-release - I have no idea why they do this. So, to counteract this, I want to highlight three specific reasons to be excited about Anthem for all those people out there who DO want to be excited about it and want to at least give it a fighting chance at becoming a legendary game that gets noticed by the gaming world at large because it meets our needs rather than just following the crowd!

  1. Free World Flying - AT LAST!
Free world games are beautiful and rely on exploration. Personally I love the idea that a game is actually asking me to go out and explore the world, especially if it's in a flying (Iron Man) suit - it's quite literally a dream i've had. I don't necessarily want to be pushed in a direction by a game or limited to what the story wants me to do, I want the freedom to go where I want and get myself in all kinds of trouble - then get rewarded for my bravery. Anthem looks like it offers a really lovely exploration experience and i'm super looking forward to flying around and seeing the vast world that the devs have put together.

2. Playing Your Way - Adapt to What Suits you
Okay, so the whole making choices thing can be overrated, but choosing the way that you actually play the game sounds excellent to seasoned gamers. With the ability to equip so many different types of gear and accessories that fundamentally alters the experience of the game and promotes mastery of a particular playstyle it seems that people won't be able to revert to a 'best in slot' type approach and the choices people make will actually affect more than the numbers which pop up. This whole area is largely yet to be fully explored, considering the game isn't out yet, but I like that this approach makes it feel like the player, and not just control over the game system, is what's at the heart of their thinking - so bravo!

3. Playing Together - Not Just Another Single Player Game
If you like single player games, there are lots and lots and lots of them already. Honestly, the time is ripe for a game that nudges people together and Anthem looks like they have a single person oriented but still co-operative game which could actually work. Relying on teammates can be SUCH a pain in the ass, especially when they get you killed by not doing the ONLY thing they have to do, but I'm excited to see that the multi-player looks more like people working next to each other, supporting via passive abilities rather than requiring them to be experts or give up their own power for the sake of others. There are no healers (and only tanks in name really) - so there are NO boring classes, though if you are that concerned then you can always choose to pick team focused abilities. I only hope that they make matchmaking seamless, the incentives for working together well balanced and that the people who play the game aren't elitist jerks. Its been done before, lets just hope the new community understands this is as much down to them as the development and game publishers.
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