Good start to my morning


Staff member
Mar 26, 2018
I made some coffee, tore open a packet of sweetener, promptly drop the entire packet into my coffee.

Instinctively reach in to grab the floating packet of sweetener from my scolding hot coffee and promptly burn my finger.

Holding the soaked packet, I open the foot operated garbage can and drop the limp coffee soaked packet inside only to realize I took the garbage out yesterday and there is no plastic bag in the garbage.

Now there is a coffee soaked packet of sweetener stuck to the bottom of the dark abyss of the kitchen garbage can that has some suspicious looking, slimy and fishy smelling liquid at the bottom.

I might as well go all the way at the point.

I reach in and grab the now fish, coffee, meat soaked packet and finally throw it away in a platic bag.

Now my hand is covered in 73 different types of bacteria, all before I even got to sip my coffee!

Good morning!