Color Me Impressed

Jan 27, 2019
The more I Play it, the more Visually impressive the game becomes.

I think a lot of players were overwhelmed by the VIP Demo, and with the Technical issues limiting Players from getting access, majority of the players probably just wanted to jump into the action as soon as they finally got into the game. Which is expected because I am not going to spend the little bit of hours I have access to the game flying around and smelling flowers and petting Wolven - no, I am going to shoot everything that moves with Rockets and whatever Weapon I have.

I am Fortunate to have played the VIP demo, and yes - it was great. Last night, with the open demo, I took my time exploring. I really spent some time soaking in what the game offers visually, as most of that is overlooked when you are in a scenario where you are focused on combat engagements.

I must admit... Visually the game Became somewhat of a visceral experience. - there is no Narrative hook for me yet, but having a keen eye for art - I love how the game makes me feel when I play it, because I can fly around and look at all the beautiful things around me.

4K HDR10 for the Win. this game looks amazing.


Staff member
Mar 26, 2018
I know a lot of people who ended up not liking the game, but a whole bunch who did.

Good thing the demo is there for this reason.

Im looking forward to playing the full game in two weeks.