Bloody Hello, and NO I don't have VIP codes lying around. ( My Initial First impression)

Jan 27, 2019
I am new, stating the obvious. (Legion of Dawn DD - Sloot)
Bipedal, Humanoid, Choking Hazard to Children. Batteries not included. Terms and Conditions Apply.

I have a tendency to buy every new DD edition there is of any AAA Title and end up never playing them because of one particular game that has been keeping me busy for quite a while. *cough* you know who you are. And by me losing interest in that game faster than Bitcoin lost investors money, I decided its time to try something different. And there it was - DEMO AVAILABLE.

After plucking out half an Eyebrow in frustration trying to get into the game because of Bla Bla Services bla bla Full, I finally managed to get in.

First Impressions of the Game: - *Based on the Experience I had playing the DEMO*

Taking into consideration I don't read manuals, instructions, tutorials etc. the movements / mechanics was quite easy to figure out. I am glad I do not have to type in a Konami Code to fire a bloody Missile.
The game was as Laggy as Hell when trying to load in with a Team Mate, (solo play not so much)
Got Kicked a couple of times to main screen while loading into the map when running quickplay / solo (Matchmaking the Fortress doesn't seem to have this problem)
Excellent customization options - if the radar isn't enough, or the HUD - its always nice seeing a team mate sweep pass you in Lumo Green everything.
Graphics look amazing in 4K HDR. - James Cameron would play this game with a Semi.

IN Short - the game feels like the love child of Destiny and War Frame that gives me that bit of Gears Nostalgia. For NOW, based on the DEMO. I can see me playing this more and more frequently.

To Long - Didn't Read:
Pew pew Pew ROCKETS! pew pew pew GRENADES! pew pew pew I AM IRON MAN!
Likes: JagerMode