Anthem internal testing, Bioware's Anthem PAX West panel - New gameplay soon!


Mar 27, 2018
Right outside the wall

Anthem news have been scarce for the most part of July but we are slowly getting out of that phase with news of internal testing, Anthem's presence at GamesCom and a panel at PAX West, which should also bring us new gameplay!

Ok so let's start with the hottest and latest news that came in the form of a tweet by Ben Irving, Anthem's lead producer.

He stated that they invited over some people (dedicated shooter players to be exact!) to play test Anthem and then sat afterwards with them to discuss topics like mechanics, general feel of the game, gear and more technical things like combat and encounter density.

Sounds like they are indeed out of the development / vertical slice phase and into the polishing of Anthem, getting it ready for those long awaited VIP demos/betas!

Hopefully that'll happen sooner rather than later, the Anthem fans' anticipation is off the charts at the moment with the most frequent question asked being "when is the first demo coming?" all over social media.

We have a few people coming in to playtest #Anthem today - going to be a fun day!

— Ben Irving (@BenIrvo) August 8, 2018

Probably not, it’s the kind of thing we do to get feedback to make the game better, they are often testing things that aren’t complete so without all the right context it would be hard for it to be shared. We may be able to share the broad topics if that’s of interest?
— Ben Irving (@BenIrvo) August 9, 2018

Broad topics of the feedback session today : combat deep dive - mechanics, feel, creatures, encounter density, gear, weapons, teamwork. Small group of dedicated shooter players with lots of experience in these areas
— Ben Irving (@BenIrvo) August 9, 2018

Sadly the people playtesting Anthem right now are under NDA, so we will not be hearing about their opinions until that one is lifted!

Do not worry though, as we should be getting more info out of the confirmed Bioware's Anthem panel at PAX West. (source:

The panel is named "Anthem: Our World, Your Story" and it will be hosted by Mark Darrah, Mike Gamble, Dusty Everman, Sabine Rosgren and Cathleen Rootsaert!

Join the BioWare team for an exclusive look at the dangerous world of Anthem. Learn more about how you’ll become the hero of your story in this shared universe. Featuring the unscripted antics of some of the lead minds behind the game, this is one panel you won’t want to miss.​

Usually, this panel is broadcasted live, so we'll be re-broadcasting it on our twitch/mixer/youtube channels, so make sure you tune in to watch it with the rest of the Anthem Insider community!

Keep an eye on this url, all AI streams/events will be posted here:

Hopefully PAX West is what Jon Warner hinted towards when he said we should expect new gameplay featuring the Interceptor javelin to come in late summer/early fall!

#Freelancers During an interview ( with @gameinformer, Jon Warner gave a hint for new #anthemgame Interceptor gameplay arrival! "In the fall, or rather - late summer", Jon said!

[Full credit/copyrights/etc to @gameinformer for this clip!]#ea #bioware
— Anthem Insider (@AnthemInsider) June 30, 2018

Whichever the case may be, we are getting Anthem news and new gameplay footage real soon!

Stay tuned freelancers!

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