Anthem: A New Verse | Plot and Release Details (Excelsior!)

William (Your Anthem)

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Sep 12, 2018
Mobile, AL

It is almost fitting that we discuss the Anthem comic mini-series on today of all days. As I was working on this video, I received word that comic legend Stan Lee had passed away. Many are calling it the end of an era, but this should not be a time of sadness and pain! This should be a time of celebration and remembrance! Stan Lee was a beyond remarkable human being whose characters, stories, and a legacy that will live on for generations!

That being said, I am beyond thrilled that we finally have details for the new Anthem comic mini-series! I can't wait to read about Yarrow, Kismet, and Jani's three-issue adventure! I get the feeling we may even see them in-game should they survive the events of the comic (obviously Yarrow will seeing as it is a prequel). More than anything though I'm rooting for Anthem to have a full-fledged comic series, not just a mini-series! But what do you all think?

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