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    Anthem Insider Incredible new ANTHEM artwork! 800+ images & videos

    Bioware's incredibly talented team of artists, animators, concept artists, UI designers, level designers, environmental artists & more, have all released a huge amount of -mostly- never before seen ANTHEM artwork on Artstation! We're talking about over 800 images, ranging from just enviromental...
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    Anthem Insider ANTHEM Day 1 Patch Notes - Feb 22nd 2019 - UPDATED

    The much anticipated "day 1 patch" for Anthem is coming this Friday, February 22nd, along with the game's official release on three platforms - PC,Xbox & Ps4. The patch notes for Feb 22nd include a plethora of fixes that a lot of fans have been asking since the Open demo, so if you're wondering...
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    Anthem Insider Anthem's Weapon/Gear Inscriptions explained!

    Anthem's weapon and gear inscriptions have been confusing players since the demos! Thankfully Bioware came out with a new post of the official website, courtesy of Chris King (Gameplay Design Director) and Darrin McPherson (Lead Gameplay Producer). This is a recap of the most important things...
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    Home stretch! 10 days to VIP demo and we are almost there

    Oh yeah! Are you ready Montoya?
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    Nvidia released a brand new Anthem trailer for CES, revealing that the game will now fully support their new DLSS technology! And if that wasn't enough, on the same day, the EA Game Changers' embargo lifted, allowing people to publicize their alpha footage from a recent capture event in...
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    Dec 20th Anthem gameplay devstream - Interceptor gameplay/ Stronghold

    Game Director Jonathan Warner joins Lead Producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving to delve into Anthem's Strongholds and see more of the Interceptor javelin in action. Continue reading...
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    ANTHEM VIP & FREE DEMOS EXPLAINED - Jan 25-27 / Feb 1-3

    Your first chance to get your hands on Anthem starts January 25, 2019 with the VIP Demo. Dive into the world of Anthem and take the Ranger and one other javelin for a test run. There's also a FREE Demo coming for everyone on Feb 1, 2019. Let's take an extensive look at all the options and try...
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    Dec 13th Developers livestream - Gear, Progression, Weapons, Components, Loot!

    Producer Darrin McPherson joins Lead Producer Ben Irving from our Austin studio to show off more Colossus and Ranger javelin gameplay along with progression and gear in Anthem. Continue reading...
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    ANTHEM Legion of Dawn trailer & Lore info!

    In the darkest chapter of humanity’s history, one hero - General Helena Tarsis - rose up to bring us into the light. The brave soldiers who joined her became enshrined in history as the Legion of Dawn and from the seeds of their sacrifice bloomed an entire civilization. "Our world is a...
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    New ANTHEM trailer from The Game Awards 2018 & a new ANTHEM music score!

    Today, our struggle against the Anthem’s world-changing power continues. A new threat is growing: the Dominion, a ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North. The Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, claims to have discovered a way to control the power of the Anthem. If he...
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    ANTHEM Closed Alpha announced! Dec 8th/Dec 9th - Details & sign up link!

    ANTHEM will be going through a Closed Alpha Stress Test next week! This is not a drill Freelancers, please report to the Sentinel Headquarters inside Fort Tarsis! Register by end of day December 3 for a chance to take part in the Anthem Closed Alpha running from December 8-9, 2018. How to...
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    Nov 29th ANTHEM developers livestream - Fort Tarsis, NPCs and more!

    Bioware is trying to remain consistent with their ANTHEM developers livestreams, with the pattern being every other week at the moment. So, they hosted a livestream on Nov 29th and they showcased a little bit of the inside of Fort Tarsis, as well as a few cutscenes and dialogue options. That...
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    Nov 15th ANTHEM livestream - Cosmetics, Personalization, Emotes and more!

    November 15th was a fantastic day for us Freelancers, because we finally got a deep dive into ANTHEM's incredibly robust javelin personalization system, showing off some of the emotes and cosmetics players will be able to enjoy in the game. Character Director Francis Lacuna and Associate...
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    New Anthem gameplay - October 26th livestream - Storm & Interceptor footage & more!

    On October 26th, Thomas from Bioware, @kijooki and Lee Williams, broadcasted some juicy live Anthem gameplay from Paris Games Week! Despite the technical difficulties at the start, they showed a lot of new footage, including a new mission, a look at the Storm and Grabbits! Watch Anthem...
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    Storm & Interceptor Anthem gameplay - November 1st developers livestream

    Hey Freelancers, another week, another Anthem gameplay livestream! This time, Ben Irving and Micheal Gamble, both producers of Anthem, sat down and gave us some awesome duo gameplay from the perspectives of the Interceptor and Storm javelins respectively. They start off right outside fort...
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    Bioware showing off Interceptor skin & All javelin skills and ultimates showcased!

    Did you guys know that there's a weekly Anthem javelin fashion show going on over at Bioware? Well now you do. Developers try their best in making stunningly looking skins for their favorite exosuits and show them off to everyone in the office! This week we got this awesome red/carbon black...
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    Anthem: A New Verse | Plot and Release Details (Excelsior!)

    It is almost fitting that we discuss the Anthem comic mini-series on today of all days. As I was working on this video, I received word that comic legend Stan Lee had passed away. Many are calling it the end of an era, but this should not be a time of sadness and pain! This should be a time of...
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    Interceptor looking badass in red/black skin!

    Yeah that's an ingame screenshot!
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    Interceptor looking badass in red/black skin!

    I mean, that's freaking sexy if you ask me and I'm a damn Colossus enthusiast :P
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    Two new Anthem Screenshots!

    Freelancers! Haluk sent us on a mission earlier and we came back with these couple photos to show you the stunning world of Anthem! Special shoutout to @Digital_Ando, Jimmy Bicknell & Ian McCuaig for taking the pics! The first one shows a beautiful sunset in the lush jungle surrounding Fort...