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  1. William (Your Anthem)

    Anthem | Future Demos and Alphas

    New Video Up! Anthem | Future Demos and Alphas Also, don't forget to check out the Your Anthem discord! Peace out, you Fantastic Freelancers!
  2. William (Your Anthem)

    The Dominion: Anthem's Greatest Threat?? | Lore Discussion

    Hello Fantastic Freelancers! Check out the new video! I feel like I've finally got things going again with a new (working) monitor and I'm ready to pump out consistent content moving forward! Thank you all for your continued support and have a phenomenal day! Peace out! The Dominion: Anthem's...
  3. William (Your Anthem)

    Devstream Highlights #2 | Javelin Customization and The Forge

    Hello all of you fantastic Freelancers! I know many of you have seen the Anthem Devstream by now discussing and showing off the absolutely incredible customization system for our Javelins! However, this video is essentially the highlights/abridged version of the stream with all the important...
  4. William (Your Anthem)

    Anthem: A New Verse | Plot and Release Details (Excelsior!)

    It is almost fitting that we discuss the Anthem comic mini-series on today of all days. As I was working on this video, I received word that comic legend Stan Lee had passed away. Many are calling it the end of an era, but this should not be a time of sadness and pain! This should be a time of...
  5. William (Your Anthem)

    Level Gating in Anthem

    What's going on all of you fantastic Freelancers? Today I wanted to go over something that is becoming a trend for Anthem and it seems this system will be present in most if not all areas of the game. That system being level gating. For those of you who don't know what level gating is, it is...