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Level Gating in Anthem

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What's going on all of you fantastic Freelancers?
Today I wanted to go over something that is becoming a trend for Anthem and it seems this system will be present in most if not all areas of the game. That system being level gating. For those of you who don't know what level gating is, it is essentially where a game locks certain things behind levels. It is a common feature in games today and especially online games with progression systems. We first started seeing the level gating with the number of Javelin weapons you can wield at once being indicative of your Freelancer's level. (i.e. You will only be able to use one weapon at the start of the game but once your Pilot/Freelancer reaches level 2, you will be able to use your second weapon slot.) However, this is a rather minor level gate. I'm sure the development team intends to implement a similar level gating system behind the...
Level Gating in Anthem.

William took a month off because he broke his laptop, but now he is back!

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A few thousand dollars and a 1080ti rig later, he is making videos again!

[Video] - I did it! I bought the $80 pre-order

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Yeah, its a pre-order, and yes its EA, but it's a freakin awesome skin!!!!

William from Your Anthem talks about PAX West